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Auto-m8 is a small program that will repeat mouse movement, clicks, and keystrokes for your computing convenience.  Designed originally for the purposes of the video game world, Auto-m8 is Windows based.  Automating almost any task
on the PC; Auto-m8 has yet to come across a program that it has not been compatible with. Auto-m8 is a glorified auto clicker. The best free auto clicker I have ever used. 

Download, unzip the file in its own folder, create a shortcut to the exe file if you like, and then run the exe file. 
(To uncompress(open) a zip file, use a program such as WinZip if need be)

Auto-m8: Ideal for most mmorpg's similar to World of Warcraft (WoW) & Runescape, specifically crafting and resource gathering
                 Runs from a CD or JumpDrive
                 Save your current macro for use later
                 Adjust how quickly the mouse moves for optimal performance in your computing needs
                 Set a Start Delay allowing time to enter a full screen environment before am8 starts

Download from C|net's                                 Download Auto-m8 from afkware